Central IL Paralegal Association

a NALA Affiliate


President’s Message 

Paralegals continue to assume new roles and responsibilities in both private law firms and in the corporate law environment.  Paralegal tasks may include helping an attorney prepare for a closing, hearing, trial or a corporate meeting.  Paralegals may also be called upon to gather background information relative to a case.  In addition, paralegals may be asked to help prepare pleadings, motions and affidavits, and to assist attorneys during trials.  A paralegal’s daily regime may even include being responsible for overseeing the core functions of managing an office.

A paralegal’s duties will vary based upon the environment in which they work.  A corporate paralegal’s responsibilities will vary from that of a paralegal at a private law firm, whose responsibilities will be different than those of a paralegal employed by the government, and so on.

Varying roles are also found within the Central Illinois Paralegal Association.  At any one of our monthly meetings, you may find a government paralegal sitting next to a litigation or intellectual property paralegal, who is sitting across from another paralegal who works an hour away at a private law firm.  This diverse environment is what provides the Central Illinois Paralegal Association with its foundation.  We, as paralegals, have a wealth of responsibilities and these responsibilities continue to grow, however, it is through our interaction with one another that we continue to expand our expertise within our chosen profession.  I encourage you to attend one of our meetings, network with your peers, get to know us and become better educated regarding the ever-growing and ever-changing role of a paralegal.   Learning and growing are always in style.

Gale Grant

Central Illinois Paralegal Association, celebrating our 24th year!!