Word’s nifty {seq} field

I am a big fan of MS Word 2010’s { seq } field. It defines a sequence of numbers or letters, and you can have more than one sequence by differentiating between bookmarks.

So, say that I’m drafting discovery responses, and I have a bunch of exhibits. Instead of depending on my eyes to make certain the exhibits have been named in sequence when I get to that final draft, I just type “Exhibit Ctrl+F9[1] seq ‘bookmark'” and am done with it.

In the example picture below, I named my bookmark ‘intex’ for ‘interrogatory exhibit’. The first field would appear as ‘1’, because I did not include any formatting switches. The second and third examples both have the \* ALPHABETIC switch, which forces Word to display the number as a capital letter.[2] Once you have added the { seq } field, you can right click on it, and Word will bring up a dialogue through which you can choose specific options.

The { seq } field used for interrogatory exhibit numbers.


  1. [1]Remember that Word requires the Ctrl+F9 keystroke to add a field; you can’t just type the squiggly brackets and expect it to recognize the field
  2. [2]\* alphabetic would display a lowercase letter.