Easily draft discovery with Multi-leveled Lists

If you’re like me, you detest having to format discovery responses, because there is the number of the question, and then there is the “Answer:”.

A week ago, I discovered that by defining a new multilevel list, typing those documents is a breeze.

Simple multilevel list in Word 2010

So, how does one format that nifty list?

Well, in Word 2010 on the Home Menu, click the down arrow on the multilevel list icon and choose “Define new multilevel list…”

Start a multilevel list

Word starts you off with a default list to edit. You can then choose which of the standard nine levels to modify. In this case, I chose to modify the third level. The first option box asks you to enter the format for the number. Delete everything, and type in “Answer: “or “Response: “, depending on your (attorney’s) preference. Notice that I typed a space after the colon. Then click the Font button to set the format to bold. Or bold and underline. You can format the rest of the list however you want. Last, hit OK, and you’re done.

Editing the third list level.

A shortcut that I use when typing lists is Alt+[ and Alt+] to increase and decrease the levels on the list. It is much more efficient than jumping to and from my mouse every 30 seconds.