Handy Shortcuts

Search for ‘shortcuts’ in your favorite engine, and you’ll find thousands of pages and posts on the same. Yet, here’re my 2 cents, and my favorites I use on a daily basis.


  • Ctrl+A to select everything.
  • Ctrl+C to copy what is selected.
  • Ctrl+V to paste what is currently on the clipboard.
  • Alt+Tab to switch between programs


  • Before we installed Credenza as a practice management solution, my favorite Outlook shortcut was Ctrl+Shift+M for creating a new e-mail no matter where I was in Outlook. Credenza short-circuits that into a new matter, and I can’t find a replacement.
  • Ctrl+Shift+K creates a new task from anywhere in Outlook.
  • Ctrl+G when pressed in the calendar brings up a dialogue for you to input a date. You can type “Christmas,” and it will take you to this year’s 12/25. Type “28 days” to calendar that discovery deadline from the Interrogatories you just opened. (The written days work in any Outlook date field, such as in Tasks.)
  • Ctrl+Enter sends your e-mail immediately.
  • Esc or Alt+F4 to cancel (if Esc doesn’t work, Alt+F4 should).


  • Ctrl+; to input today’s date
  • Ctrl+Shift+; for the current time
  • Ctrl+End and then Enter to go to the end of a row


  • Ctrl+H for find and replace
  • Alt+F9 to reveal mergecodes (I’ll write a separate post on the power of mergefields)
  • I usually turn Auto-Correct off.



I absolutely agree with the use of ‘shortcuts’. It can really speed things up and used often enough will become a habit.

I would be interested to learn a few simple formulas for Excel. I do not use it often enough to have common formulas memorized, i.e. adding, subtracting, totals, etc.