No more social security numbers in pleadings

Kudos for the new Illinois Supreme Court Rule No. 138 (effective 1/1/12), which requires all filing parties to redact out or leave out social security numbers in pleadings and exhibits, except in cases where they are required; in that case, only the last four digits shall be used, and the filing party will need to include an accompanying Notice of Confidential Information within Court Filing. In response, the Illinois Worker’s Compensation Commission has updated their Application for Adjustment of Claim form and removed the field for SSN.

National Association of Legal Assistants releases results of CP Exam

There are currently 120 NALA certified paralegals in Illinois.  There are nearly 17,000 NALA certified paralegals nationwide.  If you are a certified paralegal currently residing and working in Illinois, please take time to share the benefits of certification with your local association members.  For additional information on the NALA certification process, visit NALA’s website at